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Magda's realm as an artist spans far beyond the typical role played by DJs and producers. With an open mind, Magda will try her hand at whatever feels right: from producing high-quality Tequila to tech collaborations, fashion and art, Magda has created a truly unique, multifaceted expression of herself.

Born in Poland and raised in Detroit, Magda has soaked up the various characteristics of her surroundings, resulting in a widely-cultured perspective, tuned to see beauty and potential in the most derelict and depressed of places. As a teenager partying in Detroit, it wasn't long until Magda was fully immersed in the city's underground scene. In 1998, she was dropped straight into the deep end; she joined Minus and began touring the world as Richie Hawtin's opening DJ. Whilst this was a perfect platform for Magda to show off her talents and develop a fanbase, it brought with it the constraints of an established reputation. Magda was defined as a DJ under the Minus umbrella, but since has forged her own path.

Magda's touring schedule is amongst the most high-profile and demanding around, with regular bookings at many of the world's very best house/techno clubs and festivals. She's proved herself as a consistent, adventurous and top-quality performer, with a knack for bringing tracks together in unexpected ways. As well as notable accolades such as a BBC 1 Essential Mix and playing at Timewarp's live streamed 20th anniversary, Magda has been behind some stand-out commercial mixes. 'She's A Dancing Machine', released in 2006 through Hawtin's label, was truly seminal. It intricately layered 70 tracks into 16 sections and displayed an almost unprecedented level of energy for a minimal DJ mix. She was later invited to record a mix for Fabric esteemed CD series, and adopted a similar patchwork approach to brilliant effect. Her latest, two-disc mix compilation, out through the Balance series in February, gives equal measure to the experimental and club-focused aspects of her DJing. Incorporating music from the likes of Shackleton, Murat Tepeli and Marcel Dettmann, Magda takes the listener on a thrillingly unpredictable listen.

Though solo Magda releases are relatively rare, there's no doubt her ability extends beyond the booth to the studio. In the fall of 2010, Magda revealed her debut on Minus, 'From The Fallen Page'. It combined her love for Italian horror composition, Detroit techno futurism and straight-forward dancefloor functionality into a quality body of work that still sounds fresh today. She has also remixed the likes of Plastikman and Depeche Mode.

Collaboration has become a vital part of Magda's studio work. Cornerbred is the project she shares with partner Daniela Huerta. Offering a respite from normal DJ sets, it revels in avant-garde and real-life concepts, utilising a broad sound pallet and lending itself to live performance. The pair have recorded mixes on Soundcloud and sites such as Oki-ni, the hour-long sessions covering a wide array of styles, sounds and periods, from 80s electro to more atonal works. DTR (Define The Relationship) is Magda's edits venture with Nyma, dedicated to 'reshaping, reintroducing and reviving early influences as a homage to the past, present and future'. So far, LL Cool J, Chaka Khan and Jody Watley have been under the DTR microscope with fascinating results.

On top of all this, Magda has proved herself as a label boss, running the long-standing and successful Items & Things imprint with Marc Houle and Troy Pierce. The label thrives on the off-kilter and the uncommon, unearthing new artists and sounds that push boundaries. Thirty releases in and Items & Things proudly count the likes of Jimmy Edgar and Rework amongst its roster.

With a new event series and much more in the works, 2015 is an exciting year for Magda and her fans. Her Maria Pascuala Tequila brand and design work also continue to open new avenues, each of them explored with the stamp of quality Magda has come to represent.

Axel Boman Axel Boman


Axel is in fact the Swedish word for shoulder, but born and bred Stockholmer Mr. Boman could just as easily have been named Rumpa, the Swedish word for ass, since most of his life has been dedicated to moving just that body part. It was around 1992 that Axel’s ass started dragging the confused youngster into all sorts of weird situations – dodgy warehouses, blooming fields, sweaty basements – just about any place that had a nice sound system and someone pumping a fat bassline through it. With his older brother already being a collector of the latest techno and house records, Axel started keeping a strict diet of fresh beats which has kept him alive and kicking ever since. Building a reputation for himself in the small but very friendly Stockholm club scene, he was soon acknowledged as one of Sweden’s most skillful and best looking dj dudes. Naturally, production activity followed shortly. Working out of small studios in his hometown as well as in Gothenburg (where Axel took his master degree in fine art), tracks like the underground hit “Arcimboldo” on Ourvision Recordings soon landed in the crates of connoisseurs like DJ Koze, Magda and Seth Troxler. His sounds is raw, playful and drenched in oceans of soul – just the kind of stuff the dancefloor’s of today are longing for. 2010 was the big breakthrough year for Axel and his ass, with the epic screw house anthem “Purple Drank” being released on DJ Koze’s new Pampa Records imprint, going off to London to participate in the Red Bull Music Academy and starting up his own label Studio Barnhus together with Petter (Border Community) and local idiot Kornél Kovacs. 2011 will see Axel releasing a lot of new material and remixes on labels like Permanent Vacation, Moodmusic, Glass Table, Hypercolour, Tartelet and of course Studio Barnhus. Cheers!

Eddie C Eddie C


Raised in Southern Ontario somewhere between Detroit and Montreal, Eddie C began his experiments in music some time in the late 80s. Inspired first by Hip Hop and the burgeoning Acid House scene, he began making tape edits of late night radio and shortly thereafter began visiting record shops and warehouse parties to discover the music first hand. Record collecting has since been a way of life for the man, followed closely by an opposing passion for skiing which lead him to his 10 year sabbatical in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. With plenty of time over the past decade for reflection and research in his log cabin studio, C has recently re-located and reconnected with the electronic music community in Berlin. His raw yet sophisticated approach to production has yielded countless releases and remixes since just 2009 and his now renowned eclectic and passion-fueled DJ sets have garnered a cult following world wide.

Eddie C could well be described as one of the Slo Mo/ Edits/ Disco scene's heaviest hitters. In just over three years he's featured on or been the main attraction with over 25 original EPs and singles and countless remixes. Having graced labels like Jiscomusic, Endless Flight, Crue-L, Sleazy Beats, Wolf Music, 7 Inches of Love & Home Taping, amongst others, with his deep, lush and beautiful grooves, C is constantly name checked by every major playa this end of the underground. In 2011 he released his first full length album "Parts Unknown" on Endless Flight and later that year began releasing new projects on his own Red Motorbike imprint. The fact is, the guy hardly needs an introduction.

Thugfucker Thugfucker


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Former international aid worker teams up with Icelandic security specialist and former top model to create an international DJ supergroup. Certainly not what you'd expect from a group called Thugfucker - but then Greg Oreck and Holmar Filipsson often do tend to defy expectations. 

One a New Yorker transplanted to Europe, the other an Icelander transplanted to New York. Both from a strong musical background with an almost obsessive dedication to the art of wild party instigation. 

Growing up on an Icelandic commune full of some of the country's finest political thinkers, Holmar eschewed his past and all the heady philosophy of his childhood to move to New York and search out more physical and visceral methods of bringing happiness to the masses.

Meanwhile Greg was in the midst of a successful (if short-lived) political career in America when he too became disillusioned with the duplicity and self serving interest of those around him. Disturbed by the void he saw in most people's lives, it was in the dark depths of the New York underground club scene that he finally found his true calling.

Unbeknownst to each other, Holmar and Greg then propelled themselves along similar paths, throwing parties, honing their musical & studio skills and searching out inspiration from a wide variety of musical sources.

Then one late night, in a cloudy alcohol fueled discussion about the plight of the genetically Rhythm-Blind, Holmar and Greg recognized the depth of their shared passions. Thugfucker was born.

When Thugfucker's single, "Disco Gnome" was released in 2011 it marked the beginning of the highly respected Life and Death records and very quickly, lots of little gnomes were found in the boxes of some of the best DJs worldwide. It received widespread play in all kinds of clubs around the world from DJs as varied as Seth Troxler & the Visionquest crew, Jamie Jones, Guy Gerber, Loco Dice, Sasha, Pete Tong and many many more. It remains to this day a favorite of clubbers worldwide.

Following this came another collaboration with friends and label mates Tale of Us, this time in the form of an EP for Visionquest. With two tracks, "Morgana" and "Step Aside" (featuring Scott McCloud of Girls Against Boys), this collaboration also got lots of love from DJ's everywhere, went  #1 on the Beatport tech house chart, not to mention being named an 'essential' track by Pete Tong on his Radio 1 show.. 

And in the meantime Thugfucker have been busy traveling the globe playing extended back to back DJ sets at some of the best clubs and parties worldwide. From Burning Man to Panorama Bar to Fabric to BPM and Sonar and Coachella to DC10 and Output and Katerholzig and many more. If you haven't partied with them yet then you probably haven't been trying hard enough to have a good time. You should definitely try harder and join them.

In addition to music and parties, Greg is also a co-founder of Life and Death alongside partners Manfredi Romano (DJ Tennis) and Matteo Milleri (from Tale of Us).

Holmar has also just founded a new label called YAH! with co-conspirators James Healy and Pete Sung.

Thugfucker are currently preparing their next EP for Life and Death due out in the not too distant future.

Gavin Russom Gavin Russom


Gavin Russom is a composer, artist, DJ and producer of electronic music. Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, he currently lives in New York City. He has also spent a significant amount of time based in Berlin which he considers his second home. From an early age, he became interested in experimenting with sound, image and movement and investigating the territory where the boundaries between them blur. Not surprisingly, his career has straddled many worlds and scenes. Looking beneath genre and the shifting landscape of stylistic trends, Russom's focus is really the vital energy present in all earthly things and the ecstatic nature of reality. As a result his creative output, an attempt to continually liberate and channel these energies, often overlaps one medium with another yet still represents a remarkably consistent vision. He has exhibited visual artwork, which often contains a sonic component or references music, in galleries and museums all over the world including MOMA PS1, The Migros Museum and Galleria Fonti. As an electronic musician he has produced numerous releases on New York's DFA label including "The Days of Mars" and "Black Meteoric Star", also creating many of the visual elements that accompany them. At the core of his work are electronic instruments he designed and built himself as a way of deepening his creative process. This practice, as well as his prowess at programming analog synthesizers, led him to become the in-house electronics expert at DFA's studio from 2001-2004, and to tour with the label's most acclaimed act LCD Soundsystem on their 2010-2011 farewell tour. In 2009 he began The Crystal Ark, a collaborative music and performance project with filmmaker Viva Ruiz. The group released their debut LP on DFA in 2012 and has toured extensively as a 5-10 piece multi media ensemble since then. He has produced remixes for a wide array of artists including Cut Copy, Caribou, HIM, Planning to Rock and Kris Menace. This year he released "The Purge/Enthroned" on the UK based Entropy Trax label. It is the first in a series of experimental dance floor 12"s that he will do with the label.

Aurora Halal Aurora Halal


Aurora Halal is a producer, video artist, and creator of Brooklyn's Mutual Dreaming party series & the Sustain-Release festival. Shadowy & psychedelic, her hardware live sets have a hazy sensuality and metallic dance floor intensity. She's spent the last two years touring Europe, performing live music and analog video.

Magic Touch Magic Touch


Magic Touch mixes the psychedelic ethos of San Francisco with the house movements of Chicago, Detroit and smatters the whole thing with a solid nod to the UK rave underground

Damon Palermo has been making adventurous house and disco music under the moniker Magic Touch since August 2011. In a short time the producer/DJ has amassed an impressive following and several well-received releases, kicking off with the critically-lauded 100% Silk release "I Can Feel The Heat," which was a recommended release of the week at Boomkat and made 20JazzFunkGreats Best of 2011 list. Following his heady debut, Palermo released a split 12" with close collaborator Ital and a collaborative EP with Japanese producer Sapphire Slows.

Magic Touch has continued his prolific touring and release schedule. Most recently, he released the "Nothing More" EP for Tensnake's True Romance label as well as "Palermo House Gang", a full-length for 100% Silk which is his most realized, collaborative venture to date.

Magic Touch live sets mix the psychedelic ethos of San Francisco with the house movements of Chicago, Detroit and smatters the whole thing with a solid nod to the UK rave underground. He has played live at Sonar, Unsound and CTM, and is also a formidable DJ, appearing at Berlin's legendary Panorama Bar, Lux Frágil and WWW Shibuya.

Monty Luke Monty Luke


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Monty Luke is a revolution in sound – a forever push towards forward thinking; a
man unafraid to explore the space beyond the assumed boundaries of electronic
dance music. What began in Brooklyn quickly spread, as Monty spun his way
across the west coast, honing in on a raw, brain-pumping sound that would
catapult him into the great unknown.

Monty Luke began producing in the early 2000s, releasing “What U Feel”
alongside Sam Urton under the Loopwreckas moniker. Shortly thereafter, Monty
struck again, this time with Stompy Hi-Fi resident DJ Tasho. Released on
Mothership Music, the track, “Paranoid,” showcases Luke’s punk rock mentality –
a force of creative ferocity and out-of-this-world vibe that so clearly characterizes
Luke’s distinct style.

In mid 2008, it seemed fitting Monty would relocate to Detroit, the birthplace of
techno music. He began work with his mentor, techno legend Carl Craig, and
produced “Panik Attack,” the un-nerving, hypnotic follow-up to “Paranoid.”
Managing the development of Craig’s home-based label, Planet E
Communications, Luke received the encouragement to push ahead, to new
frontiers of the sonic mind. 2009 saw the release of yet another single, the
nebular “Art, Love, and War.” With each track, Luke has expanded the horizons
of techno music. During 2010, he was a part of the D25 World Tour, celebrating
the 25th anniversary of Detroit Techno, alongside DJ’s such as Theo Parrish,
Kenny Dixon Jr., Derrick May, and more. In 2011, Monty launched his own
imprint, Black Catalogue. The label is focused on raw, underground electronic
music talent and will primarily be a stage for him to release music on his own
terms. You can also hear Luke monthly, on his Scion A/V show “Wave of the

Monty Luke is determined to bring his outer-galactic, unapologetic, jack track
music to our world and back again. The time is now.

Carlos Souffront Carlos Souffront


Carlos Souffront is a DJ's DJ from Detroit with impeccable taste who apparently has one of the most insane acid collections in the world.

Solar Solar


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When Solar began Djing in the early 90's, San Francisco's Clubs and Raves were places where musically, anything could happen. To be a DJ in this time and place meant having a fierce dedication to the craft of creating electrifying music for people to dance all night. A deep record collection and bold creativity were what people valued in the Djs they would go hear every weekend.

In 1994, Solar and a couple other Djs began bringing a sound system and a generator to the Berkeley Marina for free gatherings to dance and watch the sun set behind the San Francisco skyline. As these Sunset parties grew from dozens to hundreds, and now thousands of attendees, Solar become one San Francisco's best loved DJs. Known for his eclectic sets, blending Techno, Disco, House, Electro and electronic music with the energy of Punk and Psychedelic Rock, Solar has built a loyal following among a discerning crowd of dancers and party goers used to hearing every touring DJ you've ever heard of. Nearly twenty years of playing music for crowds large and small has evolved a style of Djing that seamlessly fuses the best of classic and modern dance music. More recently as resident and co-creator of the No Way Back parties, Solar has earned the reputation of a DJ devoted to the art of mixing and selecting music without regard to ephemeral fashion, trends or fads.

Galen Galen


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If your eyes are blinded with your worries, you cannot see the beauty of the sunset. - Jiddu Krishnamurti

J-Bird J-Bird


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Nick The Record Nick The Record


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Mini Biog
Nick is from the UK but has spent much of his time behind the turntables in Japan where he joined the Lifeforce crew who kick started a whole new scene in 1993 & he’s been visiting up to 4 times a year for more than 20 years. He’s been contributing to the scene releasing the occasional record (about 1 a year for the past 20 years) from Disco Edits & Compilations, to his acclaimed Soul Ascendants project for Nuphonic & various other pseudonyms.
Nick has been into records from a very young age, buying his first record aged 8
& buying a record every 2 weeks, as his pocket money allowed, throughout his teens.
He got his first gigs DJing in the mid eighties at local jams in his home town St. Albans.
Into his late teens he moved to London & worked in record shops like Quaff in Ladbroke Grove which specialized in Rare Groove & Funk & later Red records which sold all the current House & Hip Hop.
In the early 90’s Nick started to play at lots of underground parties in the thriving warehouse party scene in London and also during the summer at many outside “Free Parties” and music festivals as well as guesting at DJ Harvey’s legendary MOIST club and being resident DJ at QUIRKY at the Vox.
In 93 Nick’s love affair with Japan started when he got together with a crew of Japanese friends and formed Lifeforce. These legendary parties were ground breaking in Japan. There was already a great club scene bringing famous US DJ’s over but Lifeforce was something different. With a close kit crowd drawn by word of mouth, elements of the UK’s “free party” movement and a Soundtrack spanning from Garage to Disco to Detroit Techno & Chicago Acid they took Japanese nightlife from “Clubbing” to “Partying” with Nick as the resident DJ visiting 3 or 4 times a year for 20 years. He’s been so many times he’s lost count.
On the home front Nick moved to Brighton, guesting at nights like Slack and Mufflewuffle as well as playing lots of Brighton’s legendary beach parties.
In the later half of the 90’s Nick got together with multi Instrumentalist Tim Hutton to form the SOUL ASCENDANTS, their first release TRIBUTE was a tribute to Fela Kuti which was well received by critics and dj’s worldwide. This funky afro house groove proved to be a huge hit on the underground house and garage scenes in New York and Japan being played by DJ’s like Timmy Regisford, Joe Clausell and Francois Kevorkian at clubs like THE SHELTER and BODY & SOUL where it became an anthem and would sometimes get played 3 times in one night.
Another single followed and then an lp on London’s Nuphonic label which featured the master drummer TONY ALLEN who was FELA KUTI’s drummer and band leader throughout the 70’s. This lp was a real mixture of styles with Afro Beat, Disco, House tracks, a jazz tune, latin touches and plenty of funk.

In the late 90’s and into 2000 Nick played regular guest spots at BEATS WORKIN’/ORIGAMI (Brighton’s deep house night),GLOBAL BEETS (a night which has a live Afro or Latin band and Nick plays old school Afro & Latin as well as new house with Afro & Latin flavours) & RUSS DEWBURY’s JAZZ ROOMS.

Nick is also a record dealer running a mail order business specializing in supplying the world’s DJ’s with rare Soul, Funk, Jazz and especially Disco, Boogie and Hip Hop on the DJ’s format, the 12 Inch single.This has helped Nick to aquire his extensive record collection, he probably has one of the best collections of rare 12 Inches in the UK.

In 2000 Nick’s musical knowledge was called upon by Counterpoint records who asked him to compile Disco Juice, a collection of rare funky Disco, Boogie and Soul from P&P & associated labels.
Nick has also released 2 official mix CD’s in Japan on Lastrum & Avex (Japan’s biggest record label).
In 2014 Nick released a compilation of Rare Disco & Funk & Soul for Z records entitled Under The Influence Of Nick The Record.

Nick holds a bi-monthly party in London called Tangent where the emphasis is on a great sound.
Using D&B Audio speakers & DJ set up with modified turntables.
So as you can see Nick’s life revolves around records and this is why people started to call him Nick The Record. Strangely enough he doesn’t find time for too many other interests.
The Music – so what sort of music can you expect Nick to play, well it depends on the situation, Nick can play many different styles from deep to acid house with touches of disco to afro,latin and jazz sets (old and new) to pure old school disco classics and beyond.
Nick doesn’t rely on DJing for a living and chooses his gigs carefully, only playing at things he thinks he’ll enjoy. You won’t just get somebody going through the motions,doing “a job” and playing the “big” tunes, Nick’s music is his religion, it is spiritual to him, he will take you on a musical journey around the world and beyond the stars (without taking himself too seriously).
Nick likes to play long sets, his favourite is Japan where he usually plays between 5-9 hours.

Here’s some of the places Nick has played over the years
STUDIO 9 (New Zealand), FUSION (Stockholm), RAINER TRUBY’s ROOTDOWN(Frieburg), MONDO(Madrid) LARGER THAN LIFE(London),
JAZZ CAFÉ(London), BRING IT (London & Lewes) with Felix & The Idjut Boys,
KERMA(Helsinki), QUART FESTIVAL(Norway), GLOBAL BEETS(Brighton), E.S.P.(Brighton), RUSS DEWBURY’S JAZZ ROOMS, PRESCRIPTION (brighton’s deep house night), SPACEKAT(Brighton), CARNIVALESQUE(Brighton),
Warm up for FEMI KUTI’s live show in Brussells, FRIE FORMA(Oslo) DATREN TIL HARGEN(Oslo), TALKING ALL THAT(Helsinki), KAIKU(Helsinki), MECTO(St.Petersburg), NEFERTITI(Gothenborg), OFF CENTRE(London), AFROBASE(Brighton), MELTING POT(Glasgow), LOWLIFE(London), SOFRITO(London), VOICES@PLASTIC PEOPLE, TIME MACHINE(Nottingham), LOVE BOAT (Oviedo), S.O.U.L. Weekender(Gijon), S.O.U.L. all nighter with Rahaan (Gijon), SOUL4REAL(Madrid), FEVER(Bilbao), PINBALL(Valencia), CAFE BERLIN(Madrid), PLANET CAFÉ(Hamammatsu), MAGO(Nagoya), PRECIOUS HALL (Sapporro), LOOP(Tokyo), UNIT(Tokyo),UNICE(Tokyo), WOMB(Tokyo), AGEHA(Tokyo), LIQUIDROOM(Tokyo) , CLUB ASIA(Chubu), SOCORE FACTORY(Osaka),

Nick has played all over Japan in the last 10 years & has been resident DJ at Taico club open air festival for 9 years where he plays the closing set of the festival in the idilic setting of the Nagano mountains.

Alongside such artists as Madlib, Rhythm & Sound, Daedelus, Chateau Flight, Rob Da Bank, Moodman, Rub-N-Tug, Ulrich Schnauss, Pepe Bradock, Chez Damier, James Holden, Osunlade, DJ Koze, James Holden, Ricardo Villalobos Etc..
This has become one of the highlights of Nick’s year. It is one of Japan’s best underground music festivals and is held in a place named Kodamanomori which apparently translates as echo forest – it is in a valley surrounded by trees which acts as a natural amphitheatre & sounds incredible. Nick gets to play what is known as the ‘After Hours’ or closing set from 8am to 2pm after the second stage has closed.
He is the only man they trust with this job. There are plenty of videos up on youtube.
Nick has been reunited with his old friend DJ Harvey in Japan in recent years sharing a night at the legendary club Mago & at Rainbow Disco Club a huge open air gig in the heart of Tokyo’s bay area.


Next release
New record label coming soon called Record Mission of edits with Dan Tyler from Idjut Boys
Here is a recent article written by Nick about his experiences in Japan

Travis TK Disco Travis TK Disco


Maxi Storrs Maxi Storrs


Anthony Mansfield Anthony Mansfield


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Anthony Mansfield got his first taste of house music in the early underground house scene of Northern California circa 1992. A heady mix of full-moon parties, beach parties, dirty warehouses, laid-back clubs, and crazy house-parties coupled with psychedelic, funky, deep house and organic breaks. In 1993 Anthony met Manny (DJ M3) and began promoting both club and underground events, including Deep Space and Get Down, Get Down.

By 1994, Anthony went back home for college in Upstate NY at Skidmore. While there he threw his own monthly club events, countless basement house parties and an annual band/dj fundraiser for Students For A Free Tibet. Anthony also hosted a popular radio show for four years showcasing house, dub, disco, hip hop, funk and soul all mixed.

In 1998, Anthony moved back to his home town of Ithaca, New York and began promoting club and underground events via Hector Works. He started Beat-Down, Upstates longest running house weekly, which continues to this day. Anthony's biggest contribution to Ithaca was Odyssey Night Club where he was the first employee, resident DJ, general manager and booking agent. Located downtown in a historic Masonic temple, this 20,000 square foot mega-club hosted such luminaries as Maceo Parker, Soulive, Black Eyed Peas, The English Beat, New Deal, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Derrick Trucks, John Browns Body as well as DJ Mark Farina, Soulstice, Markie & Jeno from Wicked, Vitamin D, DJ Who, and many others.

Anthonys latest chapter is relaunching his company Hector Works as an independent music label and, as of January 2006 Anthony is one of the new owners of world reknown Tweekin Records (

Mark Quark Mark Quark


In a pinch, if forced to employ adjectives to describe the Mark E. Quark style, one would come up with words like “groovy, laid back and nasty” house music. But putting grammar aside, it’s reasonable to just say that Quark has internalized influences from DJ Harvey, Idjut Boys, Jeno, and Andrew Weatherall, mashed them up, and given life to a signature style and a creature which is totally unique. This creature is currently brought to life for public consumption at Moonshake in San Diego.

Ben Annand Ben Annand


Noema Noema





Berlin based and notoriously hip shaking Producer, Dj, Label Manager and multi-intrumentalist.

The DJ Sets of Noema are well known for their absorbing dramaturgy,
which takes the dancer through various tempos and styles to dionysian frenzy.

You may ask yourself:
How does Noema always manage to set the club on fire ?
Is it that notorious and vertiginous hip-shake?
His magic mixing skills and selection ?
Or perhaps his sexy, deep and hypnotic sound:
A unique blend of scandalous disco, cocky pop and bouncy house
combined in a highly energetic mix ?

You never know…


Noema, full name Sa-Ra Noema, was born as the 13th and a half child of a Silesian rocket scientist and a man with only one shoe. As a result of unfortunate circumstances his parents had to send him to rural Mongolia soon after he was born. Once there, he was safely raised at a pet asylum by its founder and his yellow cat. Maybe it was the influence of said cat that resulted in his passion for magic.

Besides this and that, Noema spent most of his childhood obsessively listening to his guardians´ extensive collection of traditional Mongolian dance music. This allowed him to acquire a profound knowledge of the intricate tonal qualities of the Yatga (classical Mongolian Zither) and of course the Ikh Khuur („Horse-Head“ Bass).

But living in a pet asylum in rural Mongolia allows for few surprises, and at an early age Noema felt the need to travel, so he ventured through the land, finally finding himself signing up to work on a boat at Tianjin, China. While sailing around the world, his travels eventually led to Europe, where he first settled in northern Romania. At this time an El Dorado of occult groups, lodges and spiritualist circles, and Noema – having discovered a talent for media, and training himself in graphology, chorology, phrenology, and astrology – began a career as peddler of medicines, a mesmerist, quack, fortuneteller and
consultant on “the culture of the body, mind and soul“.

At this point in his life he realized that it would be a fantastic idea to found a sect, which he did whilst living in the Carpathian Mountains. There he spent a few joyful years in the gentle embrace of his followers. During this time, he first heard about the 360 Degrees and started to explore its possibilities in bizarre rhythmic exercises. After hearing stories about life in Berlin he understood that this would be the right place to excel to his full capacity of this technique, so he soon left the circle of his now disbanded sect to release the Dionysian spirit on the world.


While experiencing the mystery of the Berlin nightlife, the power of dance music caught him again. Soon he started collecting records and because of his taste, mixing skills, extraordinary outfits and masks Noema quickly became a respected DJ in the local scene.
Not long after his first DJing engagement Noema also started organizing events himself. At these events he has performed alongside live acts such as Jamie Lidell, Mocky and Kathy Diamond, as well as playing back to back with DJs Àme, A Guy called Gerald, Carsten Jost, Prosumer and Daniel Wang. Besides clubs all over Germany, Noema has also been spinning in Berlin locations such as Kinzo (residency),
Tape (residency), Watergate, Rio, Scala, Villa, Loftus Hall and currently plays as a resident about every 3 Weeks at the club wilde Renate. In addition, for years he was a regular guest in various Zurich venues.

- The 360° Lifestyle Project -

Since Dec 2011 he has been running the monthly event series “The Magic Movement” in collaboration with Deemeetree at the infamous Soju-Bar (Berlin) to promote their co-founded „360° Lifestyle Project“, which at it’s foundation is about trying to surprise oneself and going beyond one’s own expectations and boarders. Referring to their motto “Creating the Possibilities, Exploring the Opportunities” they do things they can’t do and don’t try to make it good. In this context they discovered the closest balance to unbalance and, in this light, they promote 360° action with no remorse.

- Work and Style -

Noema’s DJ sets are known for their sexy, deep and hypnotic flavor ranging from scandalous disco and cocky pop to bouncy house and techno, combined in a highly energetic mix. With 15 years of DJing experience, he is always heading for the big emotions on the dance floor. In his sets there are no boundaries between the different styles of Dance Music, under one condition: it must be funky.

In addition to his DJing, Noema has worked in the studio with Daniel Wang, Apparat and Crowdpleaser, as well as collaborating on a number of songs with Roberta Sweed (Mahagoni Music, Detroit). In 2009 he co-composed 2 Songs on the Album “Zephyr” for the Grammy winning act Basement Jaxx (XL-Recordings) and is a band member of „Wahoo“, a project run by DJ Dixon (Innervisions) and Georg Levin jointly, with
whom Noema also recorded Georg’s last Solo Album „Everything must Change“ (BBE Records). Noema also works as a producer at “Black Fountain Studio”, a studio that he founded in Berlin.

Sleazy McQueen Sleazy McQueen


As owner of the record label Whiskey Disco, Sleazy McQueen has helped to give the 'Nu-Disco' scene an element of referential class. With remarkably well produced re-works and originals, the Sleazy sound combines the dirty fun of seventies funk with the hypnotic rhythms of deep house. As a dj, he has toured from Africa to Asia, both Americas and a constant tour of the United States. His music productions have been licensed to over 100 releases, remixes & edits on Indy and major labels worldwide.

Ray Zuniga Ray Zuniga


Greg Eversoul Greg Eversoul


As a teenager in the late 80’s, Greg Eversoul grew up listening to New Wave, Hip Hop and Rock music. In 1991 after hearing dj’s such as Hani and John Chamie drop records like Inner City’s “Good Life” and Soul 2 Soul’s “Back 2 Life” he was blown away. He started attending Denver’s early warehouse parties and taking weekend trips to Los Angeles to go to parties. On one such trip, Greg experienced his 1st real house set by Doc Martin and it changed his concept of electronic music forever. Eversoul started his dj career in 1992 at Denver’s Fab Afterhours party alongside Hipp-E, a major influence on his sound to this day. It did not take long before Greg moved on playing at Raves and club events. His dynamic tribal, funky and techy house sets have landed him opening spots for Ritchie Hawtin, Louie Vega, Sasha the Chemical Brothers and many others. As his popularity grew, Eversoul started taking his sound on the road. He has rocked dance floors from Seoul to Montreal, Riga to Miami and from New York to Paris. In 2000 Greg relocated to San Francisco where he’s held residencies at 1015 Folsom, Ruby Skye and the End Up. 2009 and 2010 saw him living in Eastern Europe and the Uk with notable gigs at Pacha in London, Essential Club and Space Garage in Riga.

As a producer, in 2003 Greg Eversoul and Ben Viguerie released their critically acclaimed debut ep on San Francisco’s Character imprint. The record was played by the likes of Danny Howells, Bill Patrick and Dave Mothersole on his Kiss FM to name a few. 2011 sees Eversoul's remix of 'Landing Mode' out on Elektek as is his 'Western Road Ep' on Evasive. In 2012 Watch out for upcoming releases on Release Musiq & Tanampa and many others.

Greg has played along side the best Dj’s in the world including: Richie Hawtin Sasha, John Digweed, Steve Lawler, Lee Burridge, Pete Heller, Terry Francis, Clive Henry, Jan Krueger, Josh Wink, Hipp-E, Murk, Josh Wink, The Orb, Chemical Brothers, Mr.C, Dj Dan, Mark Farina, Doc Martin, Jeno, Halo, Little Louie Vega, Dj Pierre And many, many more..

Shiny Objects Shiny Objects


  • Om Records

Shiny Objects (a.k.a. Christopher Smith) is the founder of San Francisco’s Om Records. A seasoned purveyor of deep & techy grooves, he’s produced and released over 100 tracks and remixes under the Shiny Objects moniker and other aliases. As a global DJ, Chris has shared his sound across dance floors in mysterious lands such as San Francisco, Ibiza, Dubai, Tokyo and Belden for over 20 years. Also a core member of the Burning Man camp Disco Knights, this Shiny guy is no stranger to bringing deep psychedelic vibes to the playa. When he’s not bringing the funk, Mr. Objects is hard at work running the Om label and getting shit done in his role as founder at SF’s Monarch nightclub and Up All Night.

Jeniluv Jeniluv


A girl who likes to play records and has made a life of it, very simple.

Jeni Erickson started collecting dance records in the mid 90's and married the art of mixing and curating line ups.
Originally from the underground of Los Angeles Jeni made the move to San Francisco in 1998. Playing San Francisco's disco scenarios, holding residencies, and throwing parties for a decade in the golden gate city. Jeni returned to Los Angeles in 2007 where she continues to play records and throws the highly regarded event Making Shapes.
A girl who likes to play records and has made a life of it, very simple.

Mozhgan Mozhgan


Since 2011 she has been throwing one of SF's most musically diverse dance events, We Are Monsters, where she is a Resident DJ. Combining elements of Cosmic Disco, Cold Wave, Minimal Synth, Post Punk, Rock, Industrial, and EBM with House and Techno, the monthly event has brought together forward thinking DJs and crowds in an intimate setting.

Mozhgan is a DJ based in San Francisco, California. Since 2011 she has been throwing one of SF's most musically diverse dance events, We Are Monsters, where she is a Resident DJ. Combining elements of Cosmic Disco, Cold Wave, Minimal Synth, Post Punk, Rock, Industrial, and EBM with House and Techno, the monthly event has brought together forward thinking DJs and crowds in an intimate setting. She has also brought her instantly recognizable style and sounds to the annual Sunset Campout and Burning Man, as well as a recurring weekly set at Monarch in SF. Mozhgan has developed her distinctive approach to selecting and mixing music that has distinguished her as one of the outstanding new DJs in San Francisco.

Mrs. Blythe Mrs. Blythe


Tasho Tasho


  • Stompy

Tasho is a long time defender of the San Francisco dance community. As a resident of the timeless Stompy club night, Tasho (nee Tasho Nicolopulous) has been bringing jam after jam to Bay-Area clubs for over a decade. Alongside production partner and vocal whiz Monty Luke, his first single for mothership — “Paranoid” — has had trainspotters clamoring for a sneak peak

JOill JOill


JOill (Culture Vulture / BASE Italyunderground / Mioli Music)
Los Angeles / San Francisco / Berlin

Detroit-bred, via San Francisco and now recent addition to the city of angels aka Los Angeles. JOill has been calling California his home since 2001. . His name is a combination of the classic American name, "JO", combined with his Korean roots & middle name,"ill."

JOill has been performing since 1986. His background & training as a jazz saxophonist granted him the soulful musical comprehension that he would later incorporate into his dance music career. The concrete jungle classrooms of Chicago and Detroit were geographically accessible in his development and gave him the urban exposure that can’t be taught on paper, giving him the edge he needed to break into electronic music.
For nearly 20 years, JOill has been creating "the good vibe," on the dance floor as a DJ with multifaceted selections that vary with his surroundings. While today his sound is certainly deep-and-tech house focused, Soul, Old-Classics, Nu-Disco and World beat elements are sure to surface when the moment permits.

Overall, JOill makes it clear that creating an infectious groove prevails above any attempt to stay within genre lines. It’s his commitment to this fundamental ideal that’s landed him residencies with some of San Francisco’s most reputable nightlife staples, including the acclaimed BASE nights, members-only club The Battery, and DJ collective, Modular. Using SF as his jumping-off point has led to gigs in and affiliated to some of the world’s most reputable festivals, parties & clubs (including Coachella, Movement-Detroit, Fusion-Germany, BPM-Mexico, Carnival-Brasil, Lightning in a Bottle, Burning Man, Cocoon-Berlin, Watergate-Berlin, Suma Beach-Turkey, Sankeys-Ibiza, Monarch, Public Works, Harlot, Audio, Exchange-LA, NoFilter & Couture) & also playing on the same bills with electronic musics respected djs such as Maceo Plex, Damian Lazarus, Dominik Eulberg, Johnny White-Art Department, Audiofly, DJ Tennis, M.A.N.D.Y, Sasha, BLOND:ISH, Matador, Fur Coat, Acid Pauli, Maayan Nidam, Oliver Koletzki, Ruede Hagelstein, Jesse Rose, Powel and Adriatique…to name only a few.

Next up for this break out artist is his return to Europe for his yearly summer tour while basing himself in Berlin, to work in the studio w/ some of Berlin's finest. Keep an eye out for JOill's schedule as he will surely remind us what it feels like to truly connect with a DJ.

Sean Murray Sean Murray


Sean Murray is one of the last few San Francisco bay area old-schoolers still down with the the underground. Raised on the Wicked and Gathering parties of the early '90's, he's now a DJ's DJ, influencing new generations with his particular sound and style. Starting with SF house, he has infused Detroit, Stockholm and the new "tech" sounds to create a deep, almost techno soul music. This is epic story-telling
at it's best. Dirty, funky, techy, whatever you want to call it, you'll love it, because it's head music for your feet.

Having residencies at venue's and parties such as SF's legendary Sound Factory, Static, 111 Minna, 1015 Folsom, and pacificsound's Sunset events, he has perfected his mixing style with natural talent and passion. From creating the Renegade Soundsystem with his own gear in 1995 and working with SF's sunset crew (Galen, Solar, and J-Bird) for over 17 years, to throwing the best monthly house music events, "Hustle and Musique" he has got his thing nailed and can hold it down with the best in the industry.

His list of supported artist's include: Doc Martin, Richie Hawtin, John Tejada, Dirt Crew, Lance Desardi, Miguel Migs, Mark Farina, Rick Preston,The Dirty Bird Crew, Donald Glaude, Sven Vath, Alex Smoke, Andrew Weatherall, Rob Paine, Carl Finlow, Lowpazz Convextion, Fred Everything, Garth, Jeno, The Hardkiss Brothers, and the list goes on and on.

Sean is at the top of his game. His relentless passion shows itself in flawless journeys within his dj sets. You can see an expression of joyful pain in his face as he plays, as his love for music is explained in a story. His story, your story, OUR story!

Now that he has moved back to his hometown of San Francisco, look for Sean to make appearances this spring and summer all over the place. Also keep an eye out for his new music production projects currently in the works



C.L.A.W.S. is the solo project of Brian D. Hock, who is also the drummer from San Francico synth psych band “Bronze” and one half of the afterhour techno project “War Vs. Sleep” (Bar 25, Rekids). C.L.A.W.S. was born in Berlin in 2005 after Hock split with his band “the Vanishing” and began djing in the techno and house circuit. After moving back to San Francisco in 2006, the C.L.A.W.S. has released several ep’s on Kid 606’s Tigerbass label, as well as doing remix work for bands such as Health, Tussle, The Emergency, Lemonade, and Jessie Evans among others. C.L.A.W.S. is currently working on several new eps, a new live set, and is producing events in San Francisco such as “Gentlemans Techno” and “O.K. Hole.”

Conor Conor


Over 15 years of collecting records, and performing in discos and parties across the U.S."including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Playing alongside luminaries such as Greg Wilson, Mike Huckaby, LCD Soundsystem, Metro Area, !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Maurice Fulton, Lindstrom, Pal Joey, Rub-N-Tug, Bebel Gilberto, Harvey, Trevor Jackson, Virgo Four, Optimo, Theo Parrish, Larry Heard, and Tim Sweeney. Current resident include No Way Back (SF), as well as making frequent guest appearances on Jenos cult favorite show, Noise From The Void ( Already, he's released edits for Rong Music and Public Release and has several releases coming soon.

Junior Junior


Guada Guada


  • Bang The Box

Shane One Shane One


Paul Carey Paul Carey


Leathal Leathal


  • El Otro Mundo Productions

DJs Christopher and Paul Leath combine their respective talents to become the tag team entitled: "Leathal". As part of the respected alternative label el otro mundo, both are independently strong DJs in their own right having developed their sounds over number of years and traveled worldwide to enhance their individual musical palettes.
- - -

Cle' Cle'


Cle Acklin , originally from Dallas, Tx, now San Francisco is the house music machine. Influences are Derrick Carter, Mood 2 Swing, Iz, JT Donaldson, Masters at Work, Moodyman, Carl Craig, Alton Miller, Pal Joey, and many more. He also was the owner and founder of Soundproof Music. He has music on DJ Heathers Black Cherry Records, Fistfight Records, Dirty Trick, and Icon.

Andy Kershaw Andy Kershaw


Alvaro Z Alvaro Z


Mateo Mateo


dAvi A dAvi A


Even though this DJ's career has just begun to expand, dAvi A (formerly dAvi) is no new comer to the underground electronic dance music scene, Being introduced to the LA rave scene at an extremely early age, you could say he definitely has roots in dance music, even though he enjoys, pursues, and takes inspiration from, other genres of music such as alternative,, cold wave, indie rock and post-punk. After spending his teenage years around an abundance of 90’s house and techno talent in LA. Davi moved to San Francisco at the age of 20 yrs old. After a couple short years of exploring SF's underground nightlife scene, he began collaborating and hosting one of SF’s best mix-sexuality Electro/Indie parties.. White Diamonds. After a year and a half of WD he moved to NYC to peruse fashion and study at F.I.T., and fell into the underground club kid scene of Susanne Bartsch’s parties and many more..

In 2007 dAvi A began his descent back into SF where DJing quickly took off for him, throwing a mix of different parties around SF, which included his Nu Disco/ Disco project WORKIN’ the MACHINE at SF’s former Triple Crown, as well as different parties at the famous 222 Hyde. Being good friends with (and extremely inspired by) San Francisco legendary party promoters and DJ's such as the PacificSound crew Solar, Galen and J-Bird (Sunset), the [KONTROL] team Sammy D, Nikola Baytala, Alland Byallo and many more… his style began to emerge. He also takes credit in the introduction of the members of his brother, Ryan Williams's, band PillowTalk. dAvi A has also opened for such talents as Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Tiger & Woods, Tone of Arc, Pezzner, Benoit & Sergio, Mark E, Clockwork and many more in SF. Taking in aspects from all genres of dance music, he created a rare taste of exceptional electronic music. Using Nu Disco, Disco, Synth, Indie, Acid, House and Tech-House, with a touch into the darker side of music, and taking risks, his sound is sure to be called “quality.”

In May 2012 dAvi A relocated to Los Angeles to share and pursue his sound, and is currently getting involved in the DTLA movement and L.A. nightlife. Having gigs at some of L.A's funnest underground events, such as the former Making Shapes, Disco Dive @ The Standard Hotel Downtown, and others. He is currently back and forth between San Francisco and Los Angeles, playing gigs in both cities underground nightlife scene.