Soul Clap Soul Clap


  • Wolf + Lamb

Before today there was yesterday and after tomorrow is the future. Elyte and Cnyce's paths were crossed for all time when a Sun Ra light beam sent from Saturn collided with the P-Funk Mothership and sent them tumbling to earth. Now, Soul Clap time travels on a musical spaceship of dopeness...

The early years
As children on earth, they were driven to understand the history of dance music and found their teacher in original boston disco DJ Caril Mitro who admitted them into the temple of Vinyl Connection (whose members included Dimitri From Paris and Frankie Knuckles plus many more). Caril taught Soul Clap that "house wears many hats" and instilled the sounds of American dance music while fostering an addiction to digging that has become a worldwide quest to acquire the best vinyl. Soul Clap's training goes beyond history lessons to mastering all the elements of the DJ: knowledge, mixing, programming, performance and experience.

In between
With their roots firmly planted in their hometown of Boston, Soul Clap went out into the world to perform at places like The Marcy Hotel, Fabric, The Electric Pickle and Bar25 and in smaller places in America, Europe, Japan, Mars and Jupiter plus dancefloors in other galaxies that you haven't heard of. They blasted into space with a series of game changing edits (including the summer 2010 anthem Extravaganza), originals (Action/Satisfaction & Lonely C) and remixes (for Laid Back, Metronomy, Little Dragon, Robert Owens, DJ Harvey and more). They joined forces with Wolf + Lamb to mix a chapter of the legendary DJ Kicks series and broke musical ground on a two month world tour of 6+ hour DJ sets. They always believe in sharing the knowledge by teaching college courses, doing workshops, speaking on panels and making sure to include forgotten classics in their epic DJ sets.

The future
By harnessing the past Soul Clap looks to the future. In 2012 they released their debut long player, EFUNK: The Album. A culmination of their sonic influences so far, full of collaborations and programmed to listen to on one vinyl LP, it included a cover version of Egyptian Lover’s classic Alezby Inn, which got the seal of approval from Egypt himself in the form of a remix due out in 2013. Pushing their musical message even deeper, Soul Clap proudly launched Soul Clap Records, a sounding board for original material, a framework for their own funky family and a spotlight on undiscovered talent from their hometown of Boston and beyond. To keep the vinyl torch burning the label features vinyl only tracks and limited 7” records, as a matter of fact 45’s have become an exciting new medium in Soul Clap’s DJ performance. Soul Clap Records also completes the trinity now known as Crew Love, a family formed with Wolf + Lamb and Double Standard Records. With epic Sonar & A.D.E. parties already in the history books, this brotherhood will bring together artists from all three labels for many more epic experiences in 2013. As the stars align, Soul Clap to embark on new adventures for 2013. Coming soon is a mixed compilation for newly relaunched UK Garage legend Nice ‘n Ripe records and possibly the most exciting mothership connection of all, a budding collaboration with the creator of P-Funk himself, Mr. George Clinton and his C Kunspyruhzy record label.

Always pushing new boundaries, always traveling through time and space, The Clap is on a mission to change the world one dance floor at a time. Dr. Funkenstein has taught us well: free your mind, and your ass will follow.

Three Three


  • Liaison Artists
  • Hallucination Limited

Three has been tirelessly holding the flag for underground electronic music in the US since his rise out of the sunny state of Florida in the early 90's. In that time, he's emerged as one of the brightest DJ talents in the US and continues to be a true inspiration for many of us. Threes tour dates show both diversity in audience and a genre-bending passion for good music; hes held residencies at NYCs Twilo, Cielo (Robots), Love and Blk Market Membership, as well as Florida's legendary Simons club and the 10 years running Snatch night in Tampa while playing lauded guest spots at San Francisco's Wicked party, Fabric (UK), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Club Eleven (Tokyo), Blk Market Membership (NYC) and forward thinking events like Japan's Labyrinth Festival and Australia's Rainbow Serpent Festival.

Three started the Hallucination Limited label in 2003 as an off-shoot of the seminal US 90's label Hallucination Recordings which was founded by dance music legends Rabbit In The Moon. Hallucination Recordings was responsible for some of the freshest techno (licensing the Hazed - Bells EP to Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 label in '94), proper electro (miami bass legends Dynamix 2 and Jackal & Hyde) and benchmark releases like Second Hand Satellites - Multiple Mirrors EP (produced by Three and Sean Q6). Armed with a sound that borrows equally from vintage acid-house, techno and underground electronica Hallucination Limited is held in the highest regard getting attention from a wider audience than most most labels reach. One of the ethos of Hallucination has always been to release music that years later that is still relevant and timeless on the dance floor. A perfect example of this is Cassy's Circo Loco mix CD "Inspired By The Sound Of The Circo Loco Terrace" for the July 2011 issue of Mixmag... which contains no less than five tracks from the label catalog! Three's eclectic taste as a DJ and producer shine through just as brightly in his choices for the label.

Following the path of his appeal as a DJ, his rare forays into producing have become staples for DJs of all styles. Three's remix of Mish Mash feat. Lois - 'Speechless' (Lost in Translation mix) for heavyweight UK label Crosstown Rebels received praise across the board including "pick of the month" in the 15 year anniversary issue of DJ Magazine while other productions such as the underground staple that is Second-Hand Satellites and remixes as Three A.M. (with David Christophere of Rabbit In The Moon) of U.N.K.L.E. feat. Ian Brown - 'Reign' continue to be played on dance floors around the world from DJs as diverse as Harvey, Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler and Lee Burridge.

Coming from the school of American DJs like Josh Wink and Doc Martin, Three has a wide ranging musical palate akin to Andrew Weatherall or Laurent Garnier, and was recently featured as part of DJ Times Magazines DJX20 Anniversary profile series as one of twenty DJs who embody the spirit of the American underground along such contemporaries as Josh Wink and Claude Von Stroke.

Aside from his natural ability on the decks, Three sets himself apart from the rest of the pack by presenting eclectic sounds with an open-minded attitude towards everything he does. From DJ sets to musical output, Three is a "DJ's DJ" who has always leaned toward the cutting edge without losing touch with the roots of house and techno.

Dave Aju Dave Aju


  • Circus Company

DAVE AJU (Circus Company / Accidental // San Francisco)

SF Bay Area native Marc Barrite created the DJ/Production alias Dave Aju as a vehicle for his inimitable, fresh, and expressive take on electronic dance music. Though raised on a strict diet of Jazz and Soul music, and several years of paying dues in the South Bay via various B-Boy and Hip-Hop crews, it wasn't until Barrite moved to his now home city of San Francisco that the final ingredients to the Dave Aju recipe were added. Immediately drawn to the open-mindedness of the SF underground scene, he soon found himself on the vanguard of contemporary dance music - happily straying far into left field from the traditional house and electro styles he had been busting moves to in earlier years. After an introduction to new ideas and production methods from college courses in Minimalism and 20th-Century composition, paired with exposure to the eccentric work of local techno sound manglers Kit Clayton, Sutekh, Twerk, et al., the character now known as Dave Aju was fully born.

Doing away with half of his record collection that no longer seemed relevant, and likewise with all studio equipment except for two turntables, a microphone, and one sampler, Aju began slowly but surely carving out his own musical niche with unique and adventurous concoctions of outsider art-styled concepts and handmade sonic approaches blended with naturally deep-rooted soul and an undying love for the dance floor.

Working at a quality-over-quantity pace, Aju has earned much respect and kudos from like-minded peers with his original releases and flavorful remixes. The masses have taken notice as well, turning tracks such as "Runout", "Be Like The Sun", "Tapatio", and "Crazy Place" into veritable underground anthems. Even the critics, who gave his mouth-made debut album Open Wide high praise and saw it nominated for multiple awards, have sipped the tequila-spiked Kool-Aid.

Of course Mr Aju shines just as bright outside the studio, as his diverse DJ sets and extraordinary Live performances have blessed crowds from Moscow to Sydney to Mexico City, and everywhere in between, including repeat visits to legendary establishments such as London's Fabric, Berlin's Panoramabar, Paris' Rex Club, and Montreal's MUTEK festival.

Aju's distinctive voice, a fixture in his production and performances, has proven to have a life of its own as well; the formative years adding stripes to his coat as an MC in the underground hip-hop scene paid off, with vocal contributions for artists like dOP, Tiefschwarz, and DJ Koze, and an ongoing collaboration with Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts as the lead vocalist for his new live band, The Side Effects.

With all of these facets in place and exciting new releases on the horizon - including his second full-length album Heirlooms for home-base label Circus Company and an eagerly-awaited EP for Matthew Herbert's Accidental Music, it's safe to say that Dave Aju, indeed the opposite of dja vu, is a seasoned veteran that's just getting warmed up.

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts


  • Clandestine Artists

Forever with his thumb cocked looking for the next creative thrill ride as the sun goes down, Guillaume Coutu-Dumont’s music lends itself to the indigo hue of dusk, imbued with the sultry allure of jazz, the unquestioned groove of house, and the propulsion of techno.

As a solo producer, Guillaume was already causing atmospheric disturbances ahead of his debut album “Face À L’Est”, which appeared on Musique Risquee in 2007. Before the inception of his one-man band, Guillaume was moving and shaking with other protagonists via the Egg project with Julien Roy, Chic Miniature with Ernesto Ferreyra and Luci with David Fafard. All these projects share their history with the lauded Mutek festival, which Guillaume has been closely involved with since 2002.

After forging friendships with the Oslo Records and Raum Musik crews, Guillaume made a logical pilgrimage to Berlin in 2007. There has always been an undeniable leaning towards the soulful and the spiritual in Guillaume’s work, and even a move to one of the techno centres of the world could not shake him from a musical path that favours the organic, fundamental roots of dance music.

As well as his German brethren, Guillaume has a strong tie to the melting pot of the French underground house scene, having released music for Karat and eventually striking up a close working relationship with Circus Company. Fellow mainstay of the Parisian label Dave Aju can be found contributing to Guillaume’s latest venture, Guillaume Coutu Dumont & The Side Effects.

Taking the shape of a band proper, Aju has been coaxed into developing his considerable vocal talents, backed up by Nicolas Boucher on keys, Sébastien Arcand Tourigny on sax and Alexis Messier on guitar. With shows already performed in Montreal, Mexico, Switzerland, Barcelona, Poland, Zürich and Berlin, the band are loosening the programmed boundaries of Guillaume’s productions and opening it up to the improvisational potential of the live dynamic.

Beyond his achievements in modern beats, Guillaume has a rich and varied history of music experience, from percussion for a funk band to studies in Latin and classical percussion, a university course in electro-acoustic composition to years spent working in a Montreal studio, not to mention [iks], a contemporary jazz formation which produced two albums and a tour around Senegal.

Following the whirlwind of energy that has whipped up around Guillaume since those formative years, it feels impossible to predict where his turbulent creativity will fling him next. While many artists prefer to adopt a streamlined trajectory through their musical journey, Guillaume’s way is that of the carnival; wild and unrestrained but full of a positive, soulful exuberance. Along the way other characters get drawn into the party, sometimes shaping the direction it will take, but it is Guillaume’s unfaltering vision for what he wants to create that propels the parade.

PillowTalk PillowTalk


  • Wolf + Lamb

PillowTalk is Sammy D, Ryan Williams and Michael Tello. Based out of the famous Lower Haight District in San Francisco, PillowTalk's music fuses classic R&B, boogie and disco with underground house and techno with an original feel. With releases out on Visionquest, Life & Death and Wolf + Lamb, 2012 is shaping up to be a huge year as they hit the road with the live band.

It all started when they found themselves up late, gathered around the baby grand piano in Ryan's kitchen. Tello would be strumming on guitar and Sammy would be fiddling around on the Wurlitzer. It all just came together organically without knowing it, melodies would form, songs would appear and before anyone realised, Sammy would be singing some off-hand hook and, hey presto, you had what Arthur Russell would call; first thought, best thought compositions.

Soon, these impromptu and improvised jam sessions were recorded on iPhone apps before being taken to the lab (a space about two blocks away) and from there they were transformed into alluring, charming, dance-pop songs.

With experience of, and backgrounds in, so many genres, Pillow Talk are making some seriously inspiring and beautifully original music. If youre trying to pin down their exact sound you may have to refer to their motto of D.A.G (destroy all genres - a term borrowed from a famed underground San Fran DJ). With influences ranging from the Beach Boys to Sam Cooke, from Freddie Hubbard to Harry Nilsson, and from Larry Heard to Theo Parrish, you can tell these guys are ruled from the right side of their brains. Having just started composing, this trio are still finding their own true groove, with their full potential yet to be explored

A delightful debut single (Love Makes Parks on the revered Visionquest imprint) is soon to be followed by a beautiful full length on Life and Death, before following that up with another finely crafted EP for NYC house darlings, Wolf + Lamb. As well as that, a live show is in the works, soon to be debuted later this year. We look forward to following this fresh and exciting new sound and realize some of your deepest secrets are revealed Pillow Talking, so we are just lucky to listen in.

Kit Clayton Kit Clayton


Joshua Kit Clayton, better know by his stage name Kit Clayton, is a San Francisco-based electronic and digital musician and computer programmer.

C.L.A.W.S. C.L.A.W.S.


C.L.A.W.S. is the solo project of Brian D. Hock, who is also the drummer from San Francico synth psych band “Bronze” and one half of the afterhour techno project “War Vs. Sleep” (Bar 25, Rekids). C.L.A.W.S. was born in Berlin in 2005 after Hock split with his band “the Vanishing” and began djing in the techno and house circuit. After moving back to San Francisco in 2006, the C.L.A.W.S. has released several ep’s on Kid 606’s Tigerbass label, as well as doing remix work for bands such as Health, Tussle, The Emergency, Lemonade, and Jessie Evans among others. C.L.A.W.S. is currently working on several new eps, a new live set, and is producing events in San Francisco such as “Gentlemans Techno” and “O.K. Hole.”

Traxx Traxx


  • Nation

Traxx is a lover of music — one with a passion so intense that it overcomes genre divides to weave an altogether original, exciting, and multi-textured musical fabric which envelops both the avid clubber and the home listener, as well as everyone in between. Not content to be labeled as merely a DJ, a producer, or even
a DJ/Producer, Traxx is a self-described “artist of sound.” A sound that is distinctive and highly emotional which defies classification and invites analysis and discussion. From eclectic and avant-garde tunes to old school jack tracks
and far beyond, Traxx hears it all without discrimination, pretension or elitism.

Traxx has released music on numerous underground labels in the US
and Europe including Gigolo, Relief, Muzique, M/O/S, and Crème.
His music has come to the world under a bucket load of alias'
including Dirty Criminals, XX Art, Mysterio, ViLLan X,
Saturn V(with Tadd Mullinix), X2, and more.
He's also collaborated with the cream of the underground
including acts like DJ Hell, Green Velvet, Legowelt,Mount Sims
and many more to shape his unique definition of Jakbeat that's
been created amongst James T. Cotton and D'Marc Cantu in
the early years between 2005- 2007.

In 2009 Traxx stepped out into the light with his first full length
'Faith' album under his own name for his Chicago based imprint Nation
which received positive response and feedback from around the globe.

Like many in Chicago, Traxx was drawn into house music through the
legendary WBMX radio shows and two trips to see Ron Hardy at the
legendary Music Box. Describing his first experience with house,
Traxx recalls "nothing could compare, things were being discovered..
this period stays with me because of the intense energy that was applied -
it's a feeling, an emotion, a mental state of transcendental connection
-a spiritual force with the higher being through the physical vessel of the body."

His first release appeared on DJ Hell's Gigolo label in the early 00's
under the collective alias The Dirty Criminals which was a Chicago based collective that featured mainly the work of working with collaborators like
Charles Manier, Mystic Bill Torres, Daryl 'Deecoy' Cura, Brendan M. Gillen,
Matt Nee(Kompute), Josh Werner, Stephen Hitchell plus early on work from
Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being.

In addition to a number of 12"s Dirty Criminals released,
two albums were very well received in Europe -
2004's "Organized Confuzion" and 2006's Collision Between Us And The Damned" which featured a cover of an early unreleased version of
"Acid Tracks" by Phuture that was played around Chicago.

Traxx also contributed vocals to the track
"Let No Man Jack" on Hell's "NY Muscle" album on Gigolo but it's perhaps
on his many mysterious 12"s that Traxx has set the ground work for in the last seven years where there's been a constant stream of them burning up dance
floors with the new sound of Jakbeat that's shaping the scene by releasing an

Mick Wills Mick Wills


  • Nation

mick wills starts his dj-career in 1986 at the tender age of 14, playing at small private parties in his hometown in the south of germany. he plays anything from new wave to hi nrg, and when he discovers techno, acid, and new beat in the late 80’s, there is no more stopping him. he can recite the mailorder hotline number from the hardwax record store in his sleep, but also finds old disco and funk records on fleamarkets and on record fairs.
in 1994, one night he spins together with dj hell. hell is impressed: he gives wills the chance to spin in the legendary ultraschall in munich, also based on the mixtapes that wills keeps handing over to hell.
around the same time he starts organizing parties in and around the city of stuttgart with his friend isabella venis. under the moniker of ‘mb presents’ the duo bring artists like klangstabil, keith tucker, hell, anthony “shake” shakir, jonzon, claus bachor, roland casper, miss kittin and the hacker, john selway, trike, terence fixmer, jay denham, electric indigo, inform3r, legowelt, tlr, orgue electronique, i-f, rude 66 and gitano d.j. (member of the polygamy boys) to their city.
in 1996 he collaborates with klangstabil’s maurizio blanco in the studio and he knows from that moment that he wants to produce records as well as play them. as wills doesn’t like to do things half, it takes him several years to get a studio together and learn all the tricks of the trade, so on each of his following records you can hear wills’ progress in the studio.
he records his first tracks in 2001, and hell’s gigolo label immediately bites. the atomic ep that also includes a remake of bobby orlando’s “calling all the boys” by the kinky lovers (mick wills & isabella venis) is a success and two other mick wills releases and one track on the cd nine follow.
while signed to gigolo, his dj-career takes off. with germany not big enough anymore, ‘the gigolo from porschetown’, spins blistering sets in places as diverse as mayday in dortmund 2005, barcelona’s loft, and clubs in valencia, moscow, london, athens, budapest, bukarest, etc. his sets are described as ‘universal, global and neo-retrolectro’. they mix the best of over 25 years of dance music in a way that few dj’s can, effortlessly switching between the cutting edge of today’s sounds and vintage chicago, detroit, italo, hi nrg, wave, acid and electro. wills is a true music freak, an avid record collector and really does play like every night is his last. again and again and again...

Max Essa Max Essa


  • Bear Funk

Max Essa made his debut as a producer on the legendary Warp Records label in 1993. Throughout the ‘90s he went on to make records for many of the seminal house music labels of the era including Paperecordings, D.i.Y Discs/Strictly 4 Groovers and D-Vision in Italy. During this period he DJ’d at clubs such as the Hacienda in Manchester, Heaven In London as well as The End-Up in San Francisco and numerous parties in the U.K and Europe.

In 2005 Max started working with the London based label, Bear Funk. Since then he has produced three solo L.Ps (‘Continental Drift’ in 2009, ‘White Shoes Blue Dreams’ in 2010 and Won Ton Sunrise in 2013) and two collaboration L.Ps with label boss, Stevie Kotey (Soiree’s ‘Zim Zim Zah Zah’ in 2009 and ‘The World of Progressive Disco’ in 2011). In 2010 Max recorded his second 12” for the Is It Balearic? record label. The main track, a 20-minute epic entitled ‘Panorama Suite’, received huge critical acclaim and cemented Max’s reputation as both a composer and producer. He followed this in 2011 with the highly successful 'Feel It In Your Body' which was championed by Andrew Weatherall and the flipside 'Heartache' which was playlisted by NYC disco legend, David Mancuso amongst others.

Since 2008 Max has been living in Japan and is a regular guest DJ at Tokyo clubs such as Loop, Eleven and Seco Bar. In 2010 he started his own record label called Jansen Jardin. From the start the label received major support from DJ’s such as Mark E, Soft Rocks and Dimitri from Paris and Jansen Jardin continues to go from strength to strength. Over the last couple of years Max has been kept busy remixing at a furious rate for labels such as Leng, Disques Sinthomme, Catune and Room Full Of Records. 2012 also saw the release of a wonderful 4 track EP for Valley Sound entitled M.O.D.F.D.M.V, the Jan Ken Po LP on Nang and a 2nd Soiree LP, `Let`s Play Tennis`, recorded with Stevie Kotey and released through Bear Funk.

The work rate shows no sign of letting up in 2013 with projects signed to labels such as Rothmans, File Under Disco and Back To The Balearics. Having notched up around 80 events in 2012 his DJ schedule for 2013 remains full with a string of U.S dates in San Francisco, La Jolla, San Diego and L.A, plus resident monthly sessions at underground spots like Bar Bonobo and Aoyama Tunnel in Tokyo and events in Sapporo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Nagasaki and Kagoshima.

Solar Solar


  • Liaison Artists
  • Sunset Sound System

When Solar began Djing in the early 90's, San Francisco's Clubs and Raves were places where musically, anything could happen. To be a DJ in this time and place meant having a fierce dedication to the craft of creating electrifying music for people to dance all night. A deep record collection and bold creativity were what people valued in the Djs they would go hear every weekend.

In 1994, Solar and a couple other Djs began bringing a sound system and a generator to the Berkeley Marina for free gatherings to dance and watch the sun set behind the San Francisco skyline. As these Sunset parties grew from dozens to hundreds, and now thousands of attendees, Solar become one San Francisco's best loved DJs. Known for his eclectic sets, blending Techno, Disco, House, Electro and electronic music with the energy of Punk and Psychedelic Rock, Solar has built a loyal following among a discerning crowd of dancers and party goers used to hearing every touring DJ you've ever heard of. Nearly twenty years of playing music for crowds large and small has evolved a style of Djing that seamlessly fuses the best of classic and modern dance music. More recently as resident and co-creator of the No Way Back parties, Solar has earned the reputation of a DJ devoted to the art of mixing and selecting music without regard to ephemeral fashion, trends or fads.

Galen Galen


  • Liaison Artists
  • Sunset Sound System
  • dirtybird Records

Galen founded Sunset Sound System with the idea of providing free, outdoor picnic-style parties where people could commune and dance while watching the sun set behind the San Francisco skyline. Word spread quickly, and what began as a few friends with speakers and a generator turned into festivities of over 1,000 people within the first year.  Today, Sunset Sound System is on the move, boasting big-name talent for their international boat parties, festival-style campouts and famed park gatherings.
The early Sunset events served as Galen’s creative outlet and a prime platform to perfect his technique. DJing meant extensive knowledge of music history, hard-earned vinyl collections, and truly intuitive mixing. Inspired by the psychedelic climate of the 90's San Francisco music scene Galen successfully grew himself into a household name that he maintains today, holding it down with the world’s top talent. His sets are thoughtful, yet never pre-planned, with artfully-timed track selections that spark any dance floor he touches, appealing to the old school just as much as the new.
Creative fusion with Claude VonStroke led to a killer remix of ‘80s breakbeat classic “Jam On It,” and a mutual profound love for pizza inspired him and Justin Martin to co-produce Dirtybird classics, “Dust Devil” and “Tumbleweed.”   Soon after, he landed a coveted feature spot on Annie Nightingale’s Radio 1 Show where he impressed BBC listeners with his smooth mixing style. Most recently, Galen’s Sunset remix of “I Feel Love” by Get Physical charmer, Lopazz, catapulted to #1 on his Beatport chart.
The summer of 2013 opened European doors with a breakthrough appearance at Dirtybird’s Ibiza residency. At Croatia's Garden Festival, Galen shined on the Sunset Sound System Boat Party alongside Justin Martin, Eats Everything, and Solar. His new track, “ICANCU” was released on the Dirtybird BBQ Compilation and another "Your Own Style" is to coming out soon on Smoke N' Mirrors. 2014 brought the boys of Sunset Sound System back to Croatia for another Garden Festival Boat Party among other European dates.

J-Bird J-Bird


  • Sunset Sound System

Sammy D Sammy D


  • Soul Clap Records

With a residency at one of San Francisco's longest running house nights, eight successful years of dj'ing behind him, and numerous side projects such as Lark After Dark (in collaboration with Chaz Sugarfoot) and a 50's lounge act, Sammy D.'s middle name is versatility. His prodigal talent as a musican and dj, combined with a 6th sense for whipping any crowd into a funk, has taken San Francisco by storm, or at least a light shower...
Sammy brings a bumpy, dirty deep sound to what has become the most innovative house and techno in years. Sammy is also a resident and promoter of America's best minimal techno night, [KONTROL]

Nikita Nikita


  • Listed Productions

Nikita-San Francisco (listed | The Endup | Non-fat)

It wasn't too long ago that NIKITA ventured out from Denver, Colorado to pursue his dreams of working in the music industry. A lifelong love affair with music began as a young boy playing piano, singing and dancing It wasn't until later in life when Nikita attended a warehouse party that would change his life forever (circa 1993) - Nikita became one of Denver's 'underground party-scene offspring'! In 2000, Nikita left Colorado for California

In the past eight years Nikita's perseverance and pure love for quality
dance music has placed him among the top DJs of San Francisco's world-famous club scene. In 2005 Nikita was chosen to host his own radio show on Northern California's Energy 92.7 FM " The Massive Mix. It was Nikita's raw talent that also landed him a residency at San Francisco's legendary nightclub, The EndUp.

Performing anywhere from 2 to 12 hours; Nikita's playfulness behind the decks takes you on a ride seamlessly blending sick minimal grooves, heavy basslines, melodic synths, and twisted beats, while still keeping it soulful and deep. Nikita has tagged with likes of Cassy, Lee Burridge, Derek Plaslaiko and has played along side Steve Lawler, Steve Bug, Damian Lazurus, M.A.N.D.Y., Tom Stephan Superchumbo), Craig Richards and many more... With inspirations coming from friends like Ms. Honey Dijon, Tedd Patterson and Danny Tenaglia... it's no wonder Nikita is one of Dance Music's upcoming success stories.

Through his broad musical taste and genre bending, Nikita has always managed to create a unique dance floor experience that continues to draw a diverse audience.

Nikita is has been working on music production, and has releases set for later this year...

M3 M3


  • Green Gorilla Lounge
  • Om Records

Raising the volume of the Bay Area.s nightlife since the early 90.s, M3 has proved himself to be an influential character in the development of the SF/SJ house music scene. Born and raised in San Jose, M3 began his music career in 1990 promoting some of the original Bay Area.s massives such as .Get Down, Get Down, Get Down., .The Gathering., and .Deep Space.. Initially influenced by music ranging from Rick James, Screaming Jay Hawkins, and Led Zepplin, M3 began his d.j. career with a smooth down-tempo sound. Since then, his sound has evolved to include a spectrum of thumpin. house beats which he is distinctively known. His dj name, M3, initially stood for Marijuana Motivates the Mind, but has since transformed to Makes Me Move. M3's funky fresh style will, without a doubt, have you moving by the end of the night.

Today, M3 keeps himself busy with event promotions, music production, and performing. M3 is spreading the good word of house from San Francisco to San Jose, and beyond. Playing clubs in Moscow, Spain, Prague, Paris , Nottingham, New York, and Hawaii, M3 is funking it up all over the world. Closer to home, M3 focuses his time on four residencies throughout the Bay Area which include San Jose.s The Velvet Shop, SF.s Green Gorilla Lounge, 2nd Sundays, and Le Boom. Pairing up with the Sunset Crew, M3 also co-hosts the .not to miss. Fully Loaded party every other month.

M3 has performed alongside an astounding array artists including Marshall Jefferson, Tony Humphries, DIY Sound Systems, Derrick Carter, Cajmere, Mark Farina, Miguel Migs, Doc Martin, Jeno, Garth, Del the Funky Homosapien, and Rick James. M3 can be found tearing it up in the local San Francisco scene, djing in clubs, bars, and undergrounds all over the city.

Tyrel Williams Tyrel Williams


Deron Delgado Deron Delgado


  • Stompy

Stompy resident.

Anthony Mansfield Anthony Mansfield


  • Green Gorilla Lounge

Anthony Mansfield got his first taste of house music in the early underground house scene of Northern California circa 1992. A heady mix of full-moon parties, beach parties, dirty warehouses, laid-back clubs, and crazy house-parties coupled with psychedelic, funky, deep house and organic breaks. In 1993 Anthony met Manny (DJ M3) and began promoting both club and underground events, including Deep Space and Get Down, Get Down.

By 1994, Anthony went back home for college in Upstate NY at Skidmore. While there he threw his own monthly club events, countless basement house parties and an annual band/dj fundraiser for Students For A Free Tibet. Anthony also hosted a popular radio show for four years showcasing house, dub, disco, hip hop, funk and soul all mixed.

In 1998, Anthony moved back to his home town of Ithaca, New York and began promoting club and underground events via Hector Works. He started Beat-Down, Upstates longest running house weekly, which continues to this day. Anthony's biggest contribution to Ithaca was Odyssey Night Club where he was the first employee, resident DJ, general manager and booking agent. Located downtown in a historic Masonic temple, this 20,000 square foot mega-club hosted such luminaries as Maceo Parker, Soulive, Black Eyed Peas, The English Beat, New Deal, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Derrick Trucks, John Browns Body as well as DJ Mark Farina, Soulstice, Markie & Jeno from Wicked, Vitamin D, DJ Who, and many others.

Anthonys latest chapter is relaunching his company Hector Works as an independent music label and, as of January 2006 Anthony is one of the new owners of world reknown Tweekin Records (

Mark Johns Mark Johns


Mark Johns has been a DJ and visual artist since 1991, getting his start in San Jose at Club F/X.
He began doing multi-image projection shows (now called VJ'ing) for underground parties in the Bay Area such as Rave Called Sharon, Destiny, The Gathering, Toontown, By the People, Stompy, and many more.
In 1994 Johns partnered with San Jose dj's Rick Preston, DJ M3, and Loren to launch a weekly party called "The Velvet Shop". Beginning in a small lesbian bar, the weekly event has brought the worlds finest house music producers and dj's to the Bay Area for over 14 years and is still going strong with the help of MJ Gamez.
Mark continues to DJ and VJ making guest appearances around the bay and has resident VJ gigs with Stompy/Sunset, Salted, and Green Gorilla Lounge.

dAvi A dAvi A


Even though this DJ's career has just begun to expand, dAvi A (formerly dAvi) is no new comer to the underground electronic dance music scene, Being introduced to the LA rave scene at an extremely early age, you could say he definitely has roots in dance music, even though he enjoys, pursues, and takes inspiration from, other genres of music such as alternative,, cold wave, indie rock and post-punk. After spending his teenage years around an abundance of 90’s house and techno talent in LA. Davi moved to San Francisco at the age of 20 yrs old. After a couple short years of exploring SF's underground nightlife scene, he began collaborating and hosting one of SF’s best mix-sexuality Electro/Indie parties.. White Diamonds. After a year and a half of WD he moved to NYC to peruse fashion and study at F.I.T., and fell into the underground club kid scene of Susanne Bartsch’s parties and many more..

In 2007 dAvi A began his descent back into SF where DJing quickly took off for him, throwing a mix of different parties around SF, which included his Nu Disco/ Disco project WORKIN’ the MACHINE at SF’s former Triple Crown, as well as different parties at the famous 222 Hyde. Being good friends with (and extremely inspired by) San Francisco legendary party promoters and DJ's such as the PacificSound crew Solar, Galen and J-Bird (Sunset), the [KONTROL] team Sammy D, Nikola Baytala, Alland Byallo and many more… his style began to emerge. He also takes credit in the introduction of the members of his brother, Ryan Williams's, band PillowTalk. dAvi A has also opened for such talents as Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Tiger & Woods, Tone of Arc, Pezzner, Benoit & Sergio, Mark E, Clockwork and many more in SF. Taking in aspects from all genres of dance music, he created a rare taste of exceptional electronic music. Using Nu Disco, Disco, Synth, Indie, Acid, House and Tech-House, with a touch into the darker side of music, and taking risks, his sound is sure to be called “quality.”

In May 2012 dAvi A relocated to Los Angeles to share and pursue his sound, and is currently getting involved in the DTLA movement and L.A. nightlife. Having gigs at some of L.A's funnest underground events, such as the former Making Shapes, Disco Dive @ The Standard Hotel Downtown, and others. He is currently back and forth between San Francisco and Los Angeles, playing gigs in both cities underground nightlife scene.

Conor Conor


Over 15 years of collecting records, and performing in discos and parties across the U.S."including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Playing alongside luminaries such as Greg Wilson, Mike Huckaby, LCD Soundsystem, Metro Area, !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Maurice Fulton, Lindstrom, Pal Joey, Rub-N-Tug, Bebel Gilberto, Harvey, Trevor Jackson, Virgo Four, Optimo, Theo Parrish, Larry Heard, and Tim Sweeney. Current resident include No Way Back (SF), as well as making frequent guest appearances on Jenos cult favorite show, Noise From The Void ( Already, he's released edits for Rong Music and Public Release and has several releases coming soon.

Cole Cole


Mozhgan Mozhgan


Spacetime Continuum Spacetime Continuum


Rich Korach Rich Korach


Rich Korach discovered underground electronic music in 1994, finally encountering the sound that would transform the rest of his life. Growing up just north of Detroit, Rich witnessed performances from some of the early pioneers of techno. Shortly after immersing himself in the underground warehouse scene in Detroit, he became an active DJ himself. The next decade included such highlights as: being a resident DJ for Detroit’s legendary production company, Paxahau, playing gigs at: the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (2005 and 2008), Space – Ibiza, Weekend Club – Berlin, and all across the U.S. Rich even had an impromptu tag session with one of his musical heroes of the time, Richie Hawtin, in 2005.
In 2008, Rich moved to San Francisco to thwart the cold and live in one of the most diverse and beautiful cities in America. Since then, his performances in the Bay Area underground have caused quite the stir, resulting in a residency with promotions powerhouse As You Like It (AYLI) and a steadily increasing demand for performances. To say Rich Korach’s sound is an instant classic is understood by those who’ve become converts of his shows. He has an insatiable appetite for the unexpected, which makes watching his next move upward and onward such a joy.

Sassmouth Sassmouth


One of the fascinating creatures that our Planet houses is the ever-elusive Sassmouth. Fortunately, the Planet Chicago recording crew caught some sounds from her natural habitat, and we just finished listening to the entire Sassmouth ‘Collected Mixes’ and ‘Selected Productions.’ The music explores all aspects of our Planet. Mind the abundant basslines, dazzling melodies, and unparalleled orchestral score. I was absolutely gobsmacked from start to finish indeed!
As of her ‘god particle’ label launch in early 2013, and ‘Planet Chicago’ club night launch at the legendary ‘Smartbar’ in early 2014 where she continues her Chicago residency, one can say that she is quite simply the inimitable nature/wildlife/DJ/producer. Following the similarly paramount achievement of being enlisted as a resident for the San Francisco based ‘As You Like It’ production group in early 2013, this colossal cephalopod continued to so sensibly organize each and every impromptu mix whilst covering specific genre regions and/or habitats (deep oceans, techno, Great Lakes, house, shallow seas, electro, urban rivers, experimental, etc.) until the entire Planet was magnificently represented by the most astonishing sounds you’ve ever experienced from the comforts of home, club, or NBFC underground party. -Sir David Attenborough

Amanda Panda Amanda Panda


  • Music is 4 Lovers

Gravity Gravity


  • Pink Mammoth

James Glass James Glass


  • Golden Goose

James is a djs dj with phenomenal taste in disco, italo, synth, and other rare obscurities. He regularly plays at No Way Back and, along with Garth, he is part of team King & Hound, which put out records on their Golden Goose label.

JP Soul JP Soul


  • 40 Thieves
  • Roam Recordings

San Francisco dj, producer, and label boss at Roam Recordings. Also, part time lover with the 40 Thieves.

Jason Peters aka JP Soul started djing when he was a young lad in the 80s. The gear he used was primitive - tape decks, cd players, and an old record player with no pitch control - but early on he developed a knack for working a dancefloor.

In the early 90s JP got into the rave scene and became heavily influenced by the sound and energy of this movement. Soon after he picked up a pair of Technic 1200s, practiced, and released Soulful Journey - a mix tape that gained notoriety and led him to get booked regularly at raves around the East Coast, Mid-West, and Canada. During this time JP Soul along with friend and dj partner Chad Mitchell also started hosting underground parties and a weekly club event in Buffalo that brought in artists such as Robbie Hardkiss, Dubtribe, Corey Black (from 40 Thieves), Onionz, and many other out-of-town and local acts.

In 1998 JP Soul moved to San Francisco to rejoin Chad Mitchell for a weekly residency at a popular dj bar in the Mission district called Liquid. In the early 2000s, JP Soul and Chad Mitchell also started the Roam Recordings label and released their own music along with now familiar names like Justin Martin, Joshua/DJ IZ, Sammy D (from Pillow Talk), Demarkus Lewis, Lance DeSardi, Hesohi, and Rhythm Plate. The label ran eleven releases before taking a break in the mid 2000s. JP also took a little break at this time to work, travel, and do some soul searching. Realizing that life was missing something, JP started djing again. Djing lead back to the studio and life is complete again.

Check for 2014 releases on Roam Recordings and Leng with collaborations and remixes with the 40 Theives, Space Coast/Sleazy McQueen, Wolf + Lamb, and Anthony Mansfield.

Jason Greer Jason Greer


Alvaro Z Alvaro Z


Huckster Huckster


Ryan Poulsen Ryan Poulsen


Music Director and resident DJ Ryan Poulsen is a dance-floor veteran and Gun Club's secret weapon. Ryan has been rifling through record stacks since the tender age of 17, cutting his teeth in the clubs and underground warehouses of San Diego and Los Angeles in the mid 90's. This longtime vinyl nerd is one of the few Stateside DJs who can fuse- successfully, that is - a love of techno, house, electro and old rave with his childhood roots in punk, hard core, R&B, soul, and classic jams.

Ryan has kept some sterling company over the past 12 years, having performed alongside the likes of Ian Brown, Tim Sweeney, Maurice Fulton, Lady Sovereign, Cypruss Hill, Black Eyed Peas, Barry Weaver, Joakim, Kaos, DJ Mehdi, Rub N Tug, Peaches, Broker/ Dealer, DJ Godfather, Erasure, Egyptian Lover, DJ Hell, Spank Rock and many more.

Currently Ryan is the host of Pancake Radio, a popular weekly show broadcast live on West Add Radio 93.7 FM, as well as a resident at several San Francisco club nights, including Booty Basement SF at the Knockout, Last Wednesdays at the Casanova Lounge, and Playboy at the Stud.

Lovefingers Lovefingers


Amongst the more discerning circles of the record-buying public, Andrew Hogge, known as Lovefingers, needs no introduction, whether as a DJ and selector, where has made an undeniable impression on the makeup of today’s eclectic dancefloors and livingrooms alike, with achievements such as his internationally acclaimed mix of 999 songs (available at which is widely regarded as the greatest online thread of music ever; Or as a producer and artist with his own solo music and edits, and his work alongside Lee Douglas as half of The Stallions; Or in his role as curator and custodian of the ESP Institute, his record label which has been releasing esoteric dancefloor music from the likes of Cos/Mes, Tornado Wallace, Soft Rocks, Young Marco and a whole host of equally exciting and diverse artists, since its formation in 2010.
A Los Angeles native, Andrew hosted Blackdisco Social Club since 2001 before relocating to New York City where he now resides. Spawned from the Blackdisco soundsystem was the Blackdisco imprint, a well known re-edit series found in the bags of top jocks like Harvey, Prins Thomas, James Murphy and Todd Terje. Over the past years, Lovefingers has been summoned for events at the Whitney Biennial, MoMA, the annual MoCA Gala alongside Beck and Caetano Veloso, various Fashion Week events worldwide, repeated summers at P.S.1’s Warm-Up as well as countless club dates through- out the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Lovefingers also hold record for most invited guest on cult radio shows Beats In Space (hosted by Tim Sweeney, WNYU) and Noise In My Head (RRR, Australia).

Dirty Dave Dirty Dave


Dirty Dave has called Los Angeles home for the last 7 years after having spent a decade in Arizona playing desert raves and night clubs while acting as a buyer at Shades of Sound and London West Records. His weekly disco-centric party Love Thang on Wednesdays celebrates it's one year anniversary this month and has played host to guests like Terry Farley, Tiago, Lovefingers, The Beat Broker, Hugh Herrera, Juan Nunez, Dewey Chan, JDisko, Daddy Differently, Suzanne Kraft, Heidi Lawden, Hugo Capablanca, Chris Kontos, Paramida, Willie Burns, and Moullinex. This is his first time at the campout...look out!

Lisbona Lisbona