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Faerie Ring, Workshops, and Altars by: Living Fae with Melanie and Anne

Sunset Kids Town

Water play, Crafts, Interactive Puppet theatre, Quiet Zone

BE with your kids and DO something fun… Have a great time TOGETHER!
Fri, Sat, Sun 10am-3pm @ The Totem Lawn
Face Painting Saturday 11-12!

Sunset Campout Opening Ceremony with Shaman Durek & Living Fae

Living Fae

Melanie (right) and Anne (left) are co-creators of the Sunset Campout Faerie Ring and altars. They have been designing and building altars and performing opening ceremony for Sunset Sound System parties and Sunset Campout since 2002. Their light and love creations have also made appearances at The Gathering, Lightning in a Bottle, Agape International, Faerie Worlds and their annual Summer Solstice Celebration.

Shaman Durek

Shaman Durek is a Los Angeles based spiritual guide and gifted healer. As a Shaman, he acts as mediator or “bridge” between the spiritual and physical planes, applies ancient spiritual wisdom, coupled with decades of devoted study and practice, to help bring success, happiness and healing into people's lives. A gifted guest speaker and teacher, Shaman Durek is the author of a regular column on spiritual life in The Huffington post, a video blog on Frontiers magazine & other reputable outlets. He is a Co-owner of Heaven & Earth NYC, a VIP invite only club for spiritual transformation. He has been profiled in Daily Candy, Details, Yogi Times, LA Weekly, Metro Source, E! television and documentaries about healing, world shamans and more.


8:30am Morning Meditation Transformation James Brown
9:00am Sunrise and Shine Yoga Alexandra Sargent
2:30pm Feng Shui for Awesomeness Stephanie Frame Herzog
3:30pm Invoking Magic Tara Samiy & Jacob Art
4:30pm Herbs & Tinctures Jessica Colette Choate
6:00pm Flow Meditation James Brown
7:00pm Sunset and Flow Yoga Alexandra Sargent
8:00pm Shamanic Rhythmic Breathing Shaman Durek
9:30pm Faerie Sight Tea Service Living Fae


8:30am Morning Meditation Illumination James Brown
9:00am Igniting Your Fire Yoga Dave Larot
12:00pm Street Dance Fusion Samantha Giron
1:00pm Light Wave Therapy & Voice Bio Danielly Aldana
1:40pm Overtones of the Heart - A Sound Healing Concert Aya Dunin, Coco Cohen, Awny Rael
2:30pm Introduction to Essential Oils Stephanie Frame Herzog
3:30pm An Acoustic Session Lacey Patterson
4:30pm Manifesting Your Dreams and Thriving in the new Paradigm Danny Picard
6:00pm Flow Meditation James Brown
7:00pm Heart of the Warrior Yoga Dave Larot
8:00pm How to Authenticate Your Power for Quantum Dynamic Change as According to the Mystics Shaman Durek
9:00pm The Faerie Rites Living Fae & Pixie Pam


8:30am Morning Meditation Illumination James Brown
1:00pm Restorative Yoga Zalia Aliriza
3:00pm Sacred Sound Healing Danny Goldberg
4:30pm The Journey Home: Finding Shangri-La Within Pixie Pam & Tara Samiy
Sunday Night Movies
8:00pm Malificent
10:00pm Xmen Days of Future Past
12:00am The Lost Horizon
2:00am Blade Runner