Sunset Campout Opening Ceremony

Friday, 12pm Beach Stage

Join our Sunset Campout crew for opening ceremony on the Beach Stage to reunite and connect with the elements.

Shaman Durek, Living Fae, Anna Scott, Lois Langevin-King, Ursula Young, Bali Cloutman, Alexandra Sargent, Galen, Solar & Crew with special guest Danny Goldberg on the Gong.

Closing Ceremony

Sunday, 7pm Beach Stage

Shaman Durek and Gina Rene, The Urban Space Goddess, wind things down on the Beach Stage with a closing blessing after the last DJ on the Beach.

Faerie Ring


Designed and Programmed by Living Fae

The Sunset Campout Faerie Ring is an interactive heart centered communal environment designed to relax, breathe, reconnect and experience a little Sunset Campout magic. Throughout the years, the has area has evolved into a space hosting yoga, meditation, sound healing, creative conscious workshops, ceremony and more.



The Journey of Obstacles [Shaman Durek]: Take a journey with Shaman Durek to connect with levels of Self. Dive into the subconscious and meet head on with different aspects of yourself. First meet the guide, which is the heart, then face your fears and meet the hero. After you learn the lessons you will become the teacher of the things you went on the path about.

The Sacred Gift [Shaman Durek]: Shaman Durek will lead you on a meditation, then discuss being a nomad and what being in nomadic love means for our future now. After the discussion, he will guide you through a group exercise and finish with a closing breath.


Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation [Jessica Neideffer]: Crystal singing bowls work with our intention to accelerate this healing process. Based on Vedic medicine we work with the notes of the musical scale. When sound is projected with intention into the dis-eased area correct harmonic patterns and vibrations can be restored.

Sound Immersion Experience [Danny Goldberg]: A restorative sound healing with gongs, Tibetan bowls, flutes, chimes and ocean drum to guide you into a deep meditative state. Through the vibrations of Danny’s collection of instruments, you experience an inner calm and deep relaxation that enables you to journey within and center.

Chakra Balancing & Sound Immersion Experience [Living Fae & Danny Goldberg]: A Chakra Balancing with vibrational sounds and deep heart expansion followed by Danny’s Goldberg’s Sound Immersion Experience with gongs, Tibetan bowls, flutes, chimes and ocean drum. This experience includes essential oils.

432Hz Healing Soundbath [Torkom Ji]: A vibrational magic carpet ride through the harmonic tones and frequencies of the universe. Lay back and receive ethereal sounds as Torkom channels vibrations through his synthesizer with vacuum tubes tuned to 432Hz. This one-of-a-kind healing experience is designed to give the body and mind a full reset, and deepen your weekend experience.


Original World Fusion Music [Timo Beckwith]: Original World Fusion Music by Timo Beckwith featuring exotic trance vocals, Shruti Box, Gourd Ennanga, Birimbau, Dunbeck, Pandiero, Darbuka, Flute, Frame Drum and Balaphone. Taking you on a soulful musical journey that can range from soft and subtle to intensely power jammin primal!

Tales of Love and Darkness [ Shadow Dream Theatre An experimental mix of shadowplay, digital video and electronic music takes as its point of departure a masterpiece of modernist theater. A slapstick comedy performance, staged as Beckett’s “Act Without Words”, where the main character finds him(her)self thrown into an unfamiliar desert world. As he/she explores her new, empty and harsh, reality, first trying in vain to escape, then trying to figure out how to survive in it, even stranger things begin to occur: some invisible force appears to hand some familiar objects to the protagonist that might be just the things he/she needs to survive and be happy or not…

Sunday Night Movies: Wind down, get cozy and chill out to a collection of independent, counter culture and classic films specially selected by the Sunset Campout crew.

A Witness to Sunset: Sunset Campout 2014 [John Chiara]: A series of clips overlays and dual panels of documentation of the 2014 sunset campout. A roaming array of footage of camp life, meditation, party scenes and late night meanderings. Was made to be shown 2 years later at the campout. Another feature to stumble upon at the 2016 party. Can be viewed in segments of watched in full. 110min. www.johnchiara.com

Sunset Campout 2014-2015 Party Video [John Chiara]: Condensed footage of the 2014 campout scene and 2015 party scene. Features overlays and split panels of the campout nightlife. 25min.


Faerie Tales & Faerie Rites [Living Fae & Pixie Pam]: Short stories of our experiences with faeries, magic and the Faerie Ring, followed by an offering of energy to spark the seed of your connection to the Faerie Realm. Strengthen your faerie sight and integrate with Faerie and Earth energies to awaken ancient wisdom, guidance, creativity, wild playfulness and an indigenous heart. Receive your Faerie name.

Despacho Ceremony [Pixie Pam & Tara Samiy]: This gratitude ritual will allow us to thank all that we are grateful for in our life now and to come. Set your intentions for your Sunset campout experience to be filled with gratitude, love, happiness and more. We will create a larger despacho for the Sunset campout community for all the laughter, dancing and magic we will have and then create individual despachos for personal honoring. All materials will be provided.

The Shift - A Cacao Ceremony [D’ete Blackshire & Veronica Elizabeth]: The cacao ceremony offered on Friday night of the campout will launch festival tribal members to the heights of ecstatic love setting the tone for a weekend of joy, creative expression, and tribal unity. Supported by the sacred wisdom of cacao, D’ete offers a practice in the medicine and skill of embodied alchemy. We will discover the sticky places of resistance to being love within our bodies and release fight by taking action upon awareness for a deep integration. Veronica will lead meditation journey and breath guidance to offer centering for the ceremonial work. Let’s step into this anticipated weekend by blowing our hearts open, freeing our minds, and shift! Please, go to www.burnthemystic.com or she-shaman.com for preparation guidelines and information on our ceremonial cacao and the mind, body, soul health benefits.

The Alchemy of Life with Nature's Gifts [Jessica Choate]: We will talk about capturing the essence of a healing natural remedies for self love of a more balanced life through the alchemy of tinctures, elixirs and other useful ways to benefit the healing properties of earth's gifts.


Feather River Flow [Alexandra Sargent]: Start your sunset campout experience with this intermediate level hatha/ vinyasa based sequence. This class will be focused on calming the mind from all the excitement of the weekend, and engaging the body through a strengthening and awakening flow. Prior yoga experience recommended, simple twists and gentle backbends included. Bringing a block or towel is recommended.

Yoga Mind, Spirit, Body [Alexandra Sargent]: Yoga is a technique for arriving in the present moment. The very moment you focus your attention back into your body and breathe, you begin to experience a deep sense of stillness. Influenced from the teachings of vini-yoga, this gentle sequence will involve less physical strength, and more focus on simple movements and breath control. A block or towel is recommended to bring with you.

Fun Flow [Zalia Aliriza]: Wake up easy and get moving in this one hour, all levels, flow class, that will guarantee you'll be ready to hit the rest of the day with an open heart & a big smile. An invigorating combination of light workout and deep stretch, you'll be encouraged to explore a variety of postures, link breath and movement as you stretch and awaken.

Mystic Vinyasa Flow [Erika van Gemeren]: We will journey into our hearts and move our bodies from this space so that we will feel a deeper connection to our own selves and all the beings on this planet. We've all had mystical experiences, a sense that one cannot adequately describe the richness of the experience, we've had feelings of deja vu or feelings like you've know someone in prior lives, that's because we really have been with each other infinite amounts of times. Our planet is awakening and we are the ones they have been waiting for. Let's do this for all!

Yoga Eye Flow [Kim Abels]: Yogi Eye Flow is a Vinyasa Flow Class that creates the synergy of internal focus and release of mind. Using the movements and continuous focus of breath, you will find your own flow. Maintaining strength and balance will come naturally with each transition and hold of poses. Music intended to take you outside of your mind to allow no judgement of the practice. Yogi Eye Flow will leave you feeling back to your self with some fresh skin, restore everything underneath the flesh & capture your true spirit.

Gentle Yoga [Cara Smith]: 75 minutes of a gentle yoga flow, a combination of Hatha yoga with the idea of restoration in mind. You'll leave the class feeling both relaxed and energized.

Tarot Readings [Ida Feshangchi]: is a tarot reader and Reiki practioner with 12 years of experience in the metaphysical sciences and healing arts. She will be available for readings Friday-Sunday from 1-5 pm. Come by and sign up for a reading.


Relax | Beautify | Rejuvenate

Sunset Rejuvenation Spa hours are Friday & Saturday 7pm - 11pm. Schedules to sign up for one of our many unique services will be posted each day at the Spa Reception Area by 10:30AM. Through the direction and vision of our Spa Director, Lois Langevin-King, our practitioners provide complementary mini sessions of many healing modalities including massage and energy work.

Lead by talented makeup artist, Megan Sutherland, our face & body art crew will transform your look by providing sparkles, face & body paint. Available on first come first serve basis during Spa hours. Spa services are complementary, We do graciously accept tips for our work.

The crew at Sunset Rejuvenation Spa are excited for the 2016 Sunset Sound System Campout. Our Art director, Rachell Hinojosa along with her assistant Rusty Deatherage has designed a enticing, relaxing and tranquil spa setting this year. At the spa you will be greeted by our lovely lead receptionist Krystal Pinon with the help of spa manager Richard King & Brian Batty, you will be introduced to your practitioner. Your practitioner will offer a mini-session tailored to your current need, our intention is to promote relaxation, rejuvenation and foster healing and respite during your visit. We do hope you enjoy. Many of us are available to provide sessions and services back home, be sure to ask. We are grateful you have taken time to enjoy our offerings. Namaste.

Lois Langevin-King - Spa Director
Rachell Hinojosa - Art Director
Krystal Pinon - Spa Coordinator

Massage Therapists & Artists

Kim Huynh
Cary Jerome
Eddie Vela
Brandon Brown
Sophia Owen
Aleya Sunderji
Nicolette Torres
Terah Ostrander
Christine Medijian
Jonathan Ilunja
Joshua James
Megan Sutherland
John Bryars
Michelene Cha
Natalie de Los Santos
Kids Town


Spend Sunset Campout with your KIDS.

Have fun and create some magic TOGETHER at PIXIE KIDS TOWN on the TOTEM LAWN along the Feather River.
The Totem Lawn
Gate Open: 10am - 4pm, Friday to Sunday

Scheduled Activities


1pm - 3pm: Create Your Own Faerie Door
Join Kim & Kim, from Let's Imagine, as they lead a project to create your own Faerie Door.


11am: Face Painting with Cynammon

12:30pm: StoryTime with Living Fae


11:30am: Chakra Art & Yoga
Kim & Kim, from Let's Imagine, as they lead a chakra art project followed by yoga for kids.

Meet in Pixie Kids Town daily for some casual fun or just spend some relaxing time with the pixies in the shade. Activities to include water play, coloring, fairy glitter lights, bubbles, puppet theater, treasure hunting and more.

suggestions for fun items to pack for your kids adventure in KIDS TOWN
1. swim suit
2. towel
3. clearly marked reusable water bottle
4. sunscreen
5. costumes (capes and other pieces to wear in HOT weather are great for day)
6. backpack or bag to keep above items in
7. shades or a large hat, its SUNNY out there, we will have a shade structure up, but its still really bright for little eyes
8. water toys (we will have two kiddie pools set up and access to a hose for sprinkler play)
9. lunch

Variety Stage

From the freshest and funkiest Bingo game to hit the West Coast to the smooth grooves of Smoked Out Soul. Check the Sunset Variety Stage for action nightly. In Association with Brunch Live Producitons.
Not your grandmas BINGO!




Aerial performances by....


Daily evening and Late night performances